The Guildhall Feoffment Trust is a charity (211060) whose main objective is the provision and administration of almshouses. During its history it has become an umbrella organisation to many other charities, which for one reason or another have found an advantage by passing over their administrative burden to another organisation.

Historically the Guildhall Feoffment Trust owned a significant amount of property in and around Bury St Edmunds. Whilst this portfolio has reduced during the last 120 years, there are still many landmark buildings in our ownership, including the Guildhall, Moyses Hall, No Mans Meadow and the site of the Guildhall Feoffment Primary School.

The Guildhall Feoffment Trust has seventeen ‘Feoffees’ who meet four times a year on the first Tuesday in March, June, September and December. There are twelve co-opted Feoffees together with three nominated by West Suffolk Council and two nominated by Bury St Edmunds Town Council. There are no ex-officio Feoffees.

Qualification for residency of one of the Guildhall Feoffment almshouses is limited to persons in need and over sixty years of age. They should have lived in Bury St Edmunds for at least five years preceding their date of application.

The charity also administers the Fennell Memorial Homes and the Charity of Sir Thomas and Lady Kytson which are both almshouse charities

Video: Guildhall Feoffment annual commemoration service